Doc Rogers cuts no corners in his performance, ranging through themes from juggling work and performing, to love, religion, overcoming darkness and the usual trials of just being human. As a performer with his bands for over five years, Rogers invests all of himself into his shows, and even on this new remote platform he leaves it all on the show floor with his gravel, soulful modern country demeanor. Alternating between his Ovation Elite and RainSong Carbon Fiber guitars, his gritty licks over smooth, versatile vocals made for a unique and memorable sound. A graceful performer, Rogers has no problem connecting through the camera and speaking candidly with his audience between songs, explaining each one, and remaining humble and approachable. With his humble disposition, dedication to his audience and sincere fan appreciation, Doc Rogers is a natural entertainer. His flair for modern country feels like a combination of Keith Urban and Darius Rucker with an edgy vocal growl. Given the passion and power delivered by this man, Doc Rogers live and in-person would undoubtedly prove a fun night out and charge up any rockabilly/country fan. BLACK MOUNTAIN THIEVES is blessed to have him as a big part of their equation..



doc rogers