Live Sound Production

Tree Daddy Music, LLC is well-known in the Mountain States and So Cal regions for its superb Live Sound Production. Currently running an all-powered Bose/QSC/Midas system comprising over 12,000 watts F.O.H. with powered mains and 18″ subs, 8,000 watts of powered QSC monitors, 16 separate sub-mixes and a rack of delicious special effects. iPad control on a Midas M32 digital mixing console for transparent footprint. Audix, Shure and Telefunken vocal mics, Sennheiser drum mics, Shure and Audix instrument mics, Live 32 track recording capability. Truck and enclosed trailer included.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California.

THE CLIENTS: Gardens Of The World Outdoor Summer Jazz Series, Guitar Center Battle Of The Bands and specialty shows, Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Dave Marotta (Colby Callait, Gino Vanelli), Walfredo Reyes Jr (Santana, Chicago)., Black Mountain Thieves, Bernie Dresel (Brian Setzer Orchestra, Jersey Boys), Rick Cowling (Ambrosia), Danny Wilde (Rembrandts), Beverly Staunton (Dancing With The Stars), Tony Galla, Boyd Canon Big Band, Paul Vallis Bleeding Harp Band, Greg Karukas (Rippingtons), Ira Nepus (Paul McCartney, Elton John), Riverboat Dixie Jazz Band, Morgan Fairchild, Jim Fox (Frank Sinatra Jr.), The Modernaires, Eric Eckstrand Ensemble, Janet Klein, The Lovelys, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Warren Hill, Reverend Tall Tree, Snuffy Walden, Babylon Social Club, Hard Six, The Mills Brothers, Warren G., Jeanne Tatum, Pete Myers Jazz Orchestra, Louis Cruz Beltran, P.O.D., Electronic Arts, Lori Andrews, Bill Jones, Joe Gray Big Band, Insendio, Moonridge, Shannon Rae,  Sedalia Ragtime Band, Ulysses Jazz Ensemble, Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys, Angel City Big Band, Killer Dollz, Jukebox 22, Dave Marotta Band , Abbey Posner, Coffis Brothers, John Surge and The Haymakers Mary Heather Hickman, David Paish (Toto), Tom Scott, The Heat and more……

“Review from Carmel newspaper: “What a treat to hear the crisp, articulate musicianship of these players with a sound system of the highest caliber. I have not heard that quality of sound anywhere on the peninsula, let alone the Wine Bank, so I can’t emphasize enough what a difference that makes to the enjoyment. ”

THE ENGINEER: Ted Mentry, Guitar tech for Supertramp, Tour Manager and Guitar Tech for Carl Verheyen. Also a seasoned guitarist of 30 years who, in the event your own guitarist falls in the ocean at the last minute, can fill in with little notice.10 Albums as an artist, 30 albums as a player, contributor.

For rental information, contact Ted Mentry at  tedmentry1@gmail.com  or call  (720) 290-3025.