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Tree Daddy Music

Since 2001, Tree Daddy Music has been the parent company and corporate umbrella for the musical careers of Ted Mentry and Helen Allison Hawkins. It is also the administrator and booking agency for Tree Daddy Sound Reinforcement and Southern California Roots Rock and New Country outfit, Black Mountain Thieves.

The Mom & Pop behind this burgeoning cottage industry are Ted Mentry and Helen Allison Hawkins,. Originally conceived in Denver , Colorado, Ted and Allison have brought their musical vision to Southern California and have been artistically intertwined with some of the best musicians in the country.

Tree Daddy Music is the shelter by which several incredible bands and one MONSTER sound company reside. Check out the music, photos and visit the calendar page to see where Ted, Allison, Black Mountain Thieves and Tree Daddy Sound are appearing, individually and as a group.



  • Helen Allison Hawkins