Tree Daddy Productions is proud to bring the immense talents of Helen Allison Hawkins  and  Lisa Wall-Urgero  to the public in a series of live intimate performances backed by some of the TOP studio and support musicians California has to offer. Currently holding down the rhythm section are the immense talents of  Brian Robinson  on bass,  Toby Scarbrough  on drums and  Ted Mentry  on guitar, completing the ensemble, TRUE THAT!



Music genres include adult contemporary, blues, jazz standards, and R&B. Sultry, memorable music for intimate settings or special events including hotels, restaurants, lounges, special events, museums, and festivals. You’ll never know who you will see in terms of True That!, besides Allison and Lisa of course, but on any given evening you may be privy to the diverse talents of some top name musicians.


  1. I'm Yours Cover 1:15
  2. Airplanes And Satellites 2:03
  3. Roll the Dice 2:52
  4. I Won't Give Up.TDlogicx 4:06
  5. A Thousand Miles Lisa Wall-Urgero 1:14
  6. Someone Like You 4:54
  7. Wake Me Up 4:23
  8. Say It Isn't So Blues Planet Project 4:19
  9. Dont Ask Me Why Lisa Wall-Urgero 3:54
  10. Have A Little Faith Cover 1:31
  11. Holiday Medley Lisa Wall-Urgero 4:24
  12. Comfort Ted & Allison 3:36
  13. Bless the Broken Road Lisa Wall-Urgero 1:35
  14. Human Nature Lisa Wall-Urgero 1:06
  15. Hand My Heart Blues Planet Project 4:10


For booking call Ted Mentry  720.290.3025

or Allison Hawkins  805.558.5408